Installing SL2B2 WOE is ME

by Bobbi Perreault 7. June 2008 03:19
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I love Microsoft, I love Microsoft, I love Microsoft......

Why do I do it?  I know it'll hurt, but I just can't stop myself.  Beta software is Beta for a reason, and by golly, I needed to know about this before I started down the long road of trying to get back where I was yesterday....  Before I uninstalled SL2B1 in preparation for installing SL2B2. 

 Just say no!  Don't uninstall, they're trying to make your life easier.  Yep, it's just the opposite of when we got SL2B1, but, at least they wanted to help.

Try this post - it'll help you and I hope by the end of my installation wait that it has helped me too.

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